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Volume 6, Issue #1 (June 2016)

Women and Age/ing in Hungary since 1989

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Studies/Research Articles
Andrea Tóth: Personal Ethnography: Life Narrative from the Semi-periphery
Annamária Hódosy: Snowhite and Agism — Feminist Witches and Postfeminist Princesses in the Film Adaptations of the Fairy Tale
Mária Joó: The Philosophy of Old Age in Beauvoir
Erzsébet Tatai: Ugly Witches, Wise Prophets: Representations of Age in Visual Arts
Márta Konczosné Szombathelyi: Feminization of the Communication Industry: One Hundred Years of Changes
Róbert Hudy: “Not all men rape” — Feminist Themes in the WomanAgainstFeminism Facebook Campaign
Mónika Szabó & Mónika Pál: Feminism that Brings Us Together and Drives Us Apart
Johanna Giczi & Anikó Gregor: Time(ing) Regime: A Comparative Study of Women and Men’s Time Allocation Patterns Approaching Old Age
Csanád Bodó & Margit Eszter Zabolai: The Csángó Pseudo-relative and the Godmother: Gender and Nation in the Revitalization Program of the Moldavian Hungarian Language

Dóra Czeferner: Nőkép, nőiség és női sorsok a történelemben (Rubicon. Történelmi Magazin. Női szerepek a történelemben [2015]: 8. 80)
Anna Kérchy: Lilith ecsetje (Lilith Öröksége Művészeti Csoport, Tiszta Kezekben. Liget Galéria, 2016.)

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