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Volume 4, Issue #2 (December 2014)

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Studies/Research Articles
Orsolya Rákai: “I’m Not An Apostolic Character” – Margit Kaffka’s Articles During the First World War
Tímea Jablonczay: Marginality and the Practice of Border-crossing: Hybrid Forms of Identity in Erzsi Senesh’s Works
Andrea Virginás: Contemporary East European Images of Women in Literature and Cinema
Larisa Kocic-Zámbó: Representative Synecdoche: On the Reception of Angelina Jolie’s Mastectomy and the Fragmentation of the Female Body
Eszter Berán: Crossroads: Feminist Discourse and Narrative Psychology

Student's Article
Orsolya Lehotai: Political Discourse in the Wake of the 1945 Law on Women’s Riht of Vote

Eszter Kováts & Eszter Petronella Soós: In Fear of a Domino Effect? The Anti-Gender Movement in France and Its Relevance for Hungary

Judith Butler: Gender and Gender Trouble (Hungarian translation by Erzsébet Barát)

Emilía Barna: Replika 85-86:  (journal review)
Krisztián Benkő: Paul de Man Goes to Theatre (book review of Vera Kérchy’s Theatre and Deconstruction)
Zsófia Kulcsár: Bookreview of Sex and Socialism by Eszter Zsófia Tóth and Andras Murai


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