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Volume 2, Issue #2 (September 2012)

Gender Relations since the System Change in Hungary:
Post-socialism(?) and Feminism(?)

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Studies/Research Articles
Zsófia Lóránd: (Post-)Socialist Post-Feminism
Lilla Bolemant: Minority Literature and the Women Writers
Anna Kérchy: (Post)Feminism, (Post)Identity and (Post)Concept Art in the Art of Orshi Drozdik
Ágnes Huszár: The Image of Man in Women’s Magazines Published in Hungarian
Edina Kovács: The Image of the (Female) Teacher before and after the 1989 System Change in Hungary
Andrea Ventilla: Women’s History on Display. What do Current Senior Year History Textbooks in Hungary Reveal about the History of Women?
Csanád Bodó: The Gender Paradox and Its Reception in Hungarian Sociolinguistics
Zita Farkas: The Current Hungarian Government’s Anti-Abortion Discourse Masquerading as a Discourse about National “Emancipation”
Mária Bajner:  Post-socialist “Genderism” in Relation to Gender Mainstreaming Policies
Lehel Simon: The Presence of Male Homosexuality from a Trans-disciplinary Perspective: The Case of a Gay Transylvanian Earl at the First Budapest Gay Pride Parade


Judit Acsády: Fábián Katalin. Contemporary Women’s Movement in Hungary. Globalization, Democracy, and Gender Equality (book review)
Kata Kis: Replika. Hegemón maszkulinitás [Hegemonic Masculinity]. 2009 (December), Issue #69 (journal review)
Krisztina Jéga-Szabó: Borgos Anna – Szilágyi Judit. Nőírók és írónők. Irodalmi és női szerepek a Nyugatban [Women Writers and Writing Women. Literary and Female Roles in Nyugat] (book review)


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