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Volume 2, Issue #1 (March 2011)

Special Issue

Erzsébet Barát >> PDF

Invited Speakers
Enikő Bollobás: On the Relativity of Gender—Or, Two Women in Overalls
Mária Bajner: Camouflage Feminism Unveiled >> PDF
Ágnes Surányi: Two Women, Two Paths: Angela Carter and Lorna Sage >> PDF
Judit Kádár: “Dog Sitting Jobs for Schoolmistresses”: The Catholic School in Margit Kaffka’s Writing
Mária Joó: Margaret Atwood’s Speculative Fiction. An Experiment in Ethical Criticism
Ágnes Péter: Elizabeth Barrett Browning reads Wordsworth: Aurora Leigh and The Prelude

TNT Memebers and PhD Students
Éva Federmayer: The Politics of Location: Jessie Redmon Fauset’s “The Sleeper Wakes” >> PDF
Zsófia Anna Tóth: Emma: Jane Austen’s Most Imperfect Heroine and Most Perfect Novel >> PDF
Anna Kérchy and Rita Antoni: Rejuvenation and Immortality in/of the Female Gothic Genre. The Feminist Potential of Contemporary Children’s and Teenage Gothic Fiction >> PDF
Tünde Udvari and Zsófia Kulcsár: The Role of The Woman Writer in The Hungarian Secondary Education
Erzsébet Barát and Irén Annus: Travelling Concepts of Feminist Scholarship: The East/West Divide >> PDF

Abstracts  >> PDF

Contributors >> PDF





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