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Volume 1, Issue # 1 (March 2011)

The Institutionalization of Gender Relations: The Concurrence of Hungarian Nationality and Gender



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Studies/Research Articles
Andrea Virginás: Liminal Experience: Women in Contemporary (Minority) Hungarian Prose Fiction
Andrea Tóthova: In Grip Between Texts and Borders
Márta Várnagyi: Feminine Literature and Feminist Literary Criticism in Hungary. Voices and Echoes
Judit Kádár: Female Genealogy as Creed – On the Antiracist Historical Tetralogy of Lola Kosáryné Réz
Lilla Bolemant: The Gender Character of Emigration. The Reception of Jolan Földes’s A halászó macska uccája [Fishing Cat] and Lajos Zilahy’s A lélek kialszik [The Soul Fading] Novels in Hungary
Krisztián Benkő: Judith Butler and the Middle-East
Lehel Simon: The Role of „Gender Suffragettes” – From University Professorates to Homosexual Intimacy in Light of the History of Science in Hungary
Louise O. Vasvári: Gender Work in Political Discourses: From Hungarian State Socialism to the 2008 U.S. Presidential Campaign 
Éva Misits: Discourses of Asexuality in Hungarian Cyberspace
Katalin Misad: Characteristics of the Usage of Personal Names among Hungarian Women in Slovakia
Csilla Dér: On the Portrayal of Women and Feminists in Hungarian Antifeminist Books
Kata Eklics: Femininity in Political Interviews
Márta Szombathelyi-Konczos, Dr.– Veronika Keller, Dr.: The Relation Between Femininity and Success in Manadgement. Introduction to the Research on „Inovation Generating Activities of Female Manegers”
Ágnes Huszár: The Soul of the Female Minister. Calvinist Female Ministers in Hungary
Irén Annus: Matyó Patterned Nation Branding: Women, Men and Representations of Nations
Rita Antoni: “There are no rules, everything goes”? – The Intersections of Hungarian Identities and Gender on the Goth Scene


Anna Kérchy: Wendell, Susan. The Rejected Body. Feminist Philosophical Reflections on Disability, Hungarian edition (book review)
Gordon Agáta: Eszter Zsófia, Tóth. The Daughters of Kádár. Women in the Socialist Era (book review)
Berán Eszter: Thalassa. Sexual Orientations, 2010:4 (journal review)


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